Hands on Empowerment Resource Center, Inc. cares has been fortunate to be a part of the lives of so many wonderful people.

Here are some of their Testimonies:

    Andrea Mack , Assistant Director , Valley Learning Center, Inc.

    “Robin is an excellent communicator! She is a go to person who will get the job done, whatever you ask of her. She served as a volunteer chairperson for the conference my organization puts on. She chaired the publicity committee and successfully landed free advertising for the conference as well as opportunities for radio show appearances, etc. If I could hire Robin for a position today I would!”

    Gary Monnier , Director of Development , The Seven Hills School

    “Robin is a compassionate and supportive agent who is focused clearly on the best interests of her clients. She is a "can-do" agent who works tirelessly on behalf of her clients, seeking the best possible solution using a multi-faceted approach to home buying.”

    Brenda Bailey , CNA , Mt. Healthy Christian Home

    “I believe that Robin is very articulate at what she does. She want's everything to be top notch. She is very persistent to get the job done and wants’ to do and be the best that she can be at it. She is as close to perfect as she can be. I think that she is very dependable and tries’ to do her all in what she does. Try's to help you in any way that she can. I think that you have a good resource if you would hire her and that she would make sure that the job and worker's under her were in top shape. Thank You God Bless Brenda Bailey”


    Since  2005, onset of Robin Stokes’ career in real estate, Robin’s client list has been overflowing with people who have had a tangle of financial troubles. Troubles that needed to be unknotted before they could move forward with their hopes and dreams. Repeatedly Robin Stokes needed to pull back from showing homes and move into showing her clients how to responsibly face excessive debt, bad credit and foreclosure.  When people are troubled and stressed up to their neck, they need more than a brochure or an Infomercial.  They need to work with someone who is sensitive and polite. They need for someone to stay by their side while they work their way back onto the course of progress.  They need “hands on” help!